18W Emergency LED Driver - Waterproof Junction Box - For LED Wall Pack Light - 120V-347V

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An 18W emergency LED driver is designed to provide backup power to LED wall pack lights during power outages or other emergency situations. This type of driver is typically used in commercial and industrial settings where reliable lighting is critical for safety and security.

To select the appropriate emergency LED driver for a specific LED wall pack light, it is important to consider the following factors:

Power rating: The emergency LED driver should be rated for a power output of at least 18W to ensure it can provide adequate backup power to the LED wall pack light.

Voltage compatibility: The emergency LED driver should be compatible with the voltage requirements of the LED wall pack light. This information can typically be found in the manufacturer's specifications for the light.

Battery type: Emergency LED drivers typically use either Ni-Cad or Li-ion batteries. Ni-Cad batteries are typically less expensive, but have a shorter lifespan than Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries are more expensive, but have a longer lifespan and can provide more power output.

Duration of backup power: The emergency LED driver should be selected based on the required duration of backup power. This will depend on the specific application and the length of time the LED wall pack light needs to stay on during an emergency.

When selecting an emergency LED driver for a specific LED wall pack light, it is important to consult with the manufacturer's specifications for both the light and the driver to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Product Details: 

1. Smart Charger Technology for Wet Location LED Fixture

2. Meets CEC Title 20 (California Energy Commission) efficiency standards

3. Class 2 output - UL 1310 Certified, CSA 22.2 No 223-M91 compliant

4. The emergency mode lumen output of up to 1300 lumens

5. Universal input (120-277 VAC)

Input Power  100mA Max.
Input Voltage
100-347VAC 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 170 VDC
Output Power 18W
Recharge Time
24 Hours
Working Time 90 Minutes
Ambient Temp 32°F~122°F
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