Eagle Star LED 820W UV+IR Spectrum Tunable Dimming Foldable LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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Product Size & Footprints: 41.34”x40.94”x2.56”| 4ft*4ft/ 5ft*5ft/ 6ft*6ft

41.34”x40.94”x2.56”| 4ft*4ft/ 5ft*5ft/ 6ft*6ft

Samsung LM301H- Sonsen Driver- 880w- PPE:2.8-3.0umol/J: ESF8200 820W

ESF8200 820W

Eagle Star LED security
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* Eagle Star LED ESF8200 820W is one of the most advanced foldable LED grow lights for indoor plants. It is a Tunable Spectrum and dimmable grow light.

ESF8200 input voltage is 100-277VAC, which is available for 110VAC , 120VAC 220VAC and 277VAC;

* ESF8200 delivers powerful 2300 μmol/s PPF output in the 820W class and high-efficacy 2.8-3.0 μmol/J that helps you effectively optimize plant growth, enhances the quality, and cuts operational costs. The body of the light is crafted from the strongest grade Aluminum alloy and engineered for maximum durability.

* ESF8200 have two 0-10V dimmable knobs, one for white+red light, and one for UV+IR light. And they can be controlled by the controller.

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eagle star led esf8200 820w led grow lights

eagle star led esf8200 820w led grow lights


Product Details:

* Footprint: 4ft*4ft/ 5ft*5ft/ 6ft*6ft

* Full Spectrum  660W

   Full Spectrum + UV + IR  820W

* Samsung + Osram

* PPE: 2.8-3.0 μmol/j PPF: 2300 μmol/S

* Sosen Driver

* Bar QTY: 8pcs + 2pcs UV + IR

* Full Spectrum + Red + UV + IR 

* Input voltage: 100-277V 50Hz/60Hz

* 0-10V/APP/WIFI/Computer/Control Table+J12

* Certificate: CE RoHS ETL cETL

* 5 Years Warranty


* indoor plants

* horticulture

* vegetable

* greenhouse

* ornamental plants

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Sam jaxson
Perfect for my seedling starting

It's a good start. High quality grow light that's perfect for seedling starting. Easy to dim/brighten and adjust height as needed.