Eagle Star LED ESF8000 800W Full Spectrum Foldable LED Grow Lights For Personal Grower, Vertical Farm, Green House

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Product Size & Footprints: 42.71"x41.71"x1.89"| 4ft*4ft/ 5ft*5ft/ 6ft*6ft

42.71"x41.71"x1.89"| 4ft*4ft/ 5ft*5ft/ 6ft*6ft

2496pcs Samsung LM301H- UL Driver- 800w- PPE:2.8-3.0umol/J: ESF8000 800W

ESF8000 800W

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* Eagle Star LED ESF8000 800W Dimmable Foldable LED Grow Lights series are full spectrum grow light fixtures with Samsung + Osram red light.

*ESF8000 input voltage is 100-277VAC, which is available for 110VAC , 120VAC , 220VAC and 240VAC;

* The plant light can provide more than 60% higher in PPFD compared with HPS lamps with lower temperature, and the grow lights increase the production and save more than 50%  power consumption.

* The best led grow lights fixtures can be used in many applications such as cannabis cultivation, vegetables, greens, and so on. The slim design grow light fixture is foldable up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact, and easy to install.

eagle star led esf8000 led grow light
eagle star led esf8000 led grow lights


Product Details:

* Footprint: 4ft*4ft/ 5ft*5ft/ 6ft*6ft

* Samsung LM301H + Red chips

* PPE: 2.8-3.0 μmol/j PPF: 2240μmol/s

* Driver: UL LED Driver

* Bar QTY: 8pcs

* Full Spectrum red + white

* Input voltage: 100-277V 50Hz/60Hz

* 0-10V/APP/WIFI/Computer/Control Table+J12

* Certificate: CE RoHS ETL cETL

* 5 Years Warranty


* indoor plants

* horticulture

* vegetable

* greenhouse

* ornamental plants


PAR is a measurement of the intensity of light shining on a plant. It ranges from 400-700 nm which is the visible spectrum of light. If a grow light has higher and more complete PAR the plants will get better growing results.


(photosynthetic photon flux) is the total amount of PAR that is produced by a grow light each second. On grow light listings, you’ll see it as µmol/s.


(photosynthetic photon flux density) is the amount of PAR that falls on a given surface each second. PPFD is a spot measurement of a specific location on your plant canopy and it’s measured in micromoles per square meter per second (µmol/m2/s).  

Seedlings, clones, mother plants: 200-400 PPFD

Early to late Veg: 400-800 PPFD

Flowering: 800-1200 PPFD

Photon Efficacy 

PPE refers to how efficient a grow light is at converting electrical energy into photons of PAR. On grow light listings, you’ll see it as umol/j. The higher the number is, the more efficient the grow light is at converting electrical energy into photons of PAR. The photon efficacy of ESL grows lights is 2.8-3.0 umol/j which is higher than other suppliers.


The light spectrum is another thing that should be considered when purchasing a LED grow light. The spectrum is essentially the colors of light that are emitted from the grow light. Different colors are made by photons at certain energy levels and are broken down into nm. The differences in the nm of a photon, or its color, change its potential effectiveness to drive photosynthesis. When growing cannabis, the plant uses more blue light when in the vegetation stage and then switches to use more red light when in the flowering stage. Although blue light and red light are needed most, cannabis plants also need other colors in the PAR range (400-700nm). UV (ultraviolet) light and IR (infrared radiation) light are also needed – in smaller amounts. Eagle star lighting led grow lights are full spectrum grow lights that cover all the wavelengths to meet different stages of the plants.

Wattage and Production

The wattage of the grow lights is a measure of energy consumption. In other words, higher energy consumption means higher production, it will help you save a lot of time and earn more money by using higher wattage-led grow lights. Especially when you buy a grow light for cannabis, it will produce 2g cannabis per wattage of the grow light by our calculation. You need four or five months to plant cannabis, now it only needs two and a half months. Now GLA720W led grow lights are for sale, and there will be more grow lights for sale to meet different applications.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Derek Verhelst
Superb value!

VERY well built. Not just cheaply slapped together.
Great light spectrum. The built-in dimmer switch is far better than the usual dimmer switch because you can actually turn the light OFF with it. (Most LED lights with dimmer switches only dim it down to about five or 10%) Handy when you have to jump under it for some poking around.
Superb customer service as well. I had a minor issue and they resolved it promptly.
I now have three of them, the quality is way above Viparspectra and Mars Hydro. The finish and connections and parts are all top-notch. The light should cost 30 or 40% more than it does. Buy it now!

Fanny Durack
Outrunning all my other lights thus far. Probably one of the best lights

I decided to take a chance and go with an up and coming manufacturer. I am more than impressed, I order one to test and hung it In a room. Not only is the light spread way better than my quantum boards but they get extremely bright and the lady’s are all favoring this new light, I was so impressed with my sample I decided to place a bulk order.
Looking forward to doing future business with Eagle Star LED

Jose Talavera
Great light for the money - great build quality

The hinge and the great build quality is A++++ on this light. I will be buying many more of these lights in the future.